Maintenance Request Form

Your lease provides for the following:


Landlord or anyone authorized by Landlord has the right to peacefully enter the Property at reasonable time with or without first contacting the Tenant. In order for us to have access to the Property, we must have a key. If you have changed the lock(s) please forward us a copy of the key(s).

Trip Charges

If Landlord or anyone authorized by Landlord has made prior arrangements with Tenant to access the Property and later denied or not able to access the Property because of Tenant’s failure to make the Property accessible, Landlord may charge a trip charge of $50.00.

Repair Requests

All requests for repairs must be made in writing and delivered to Landlord (via hand delivery, postal delivery, fax, or e-mail).

Repair Responsibilities

Tenant will pay Landlord or any contractor Landlord directs Tenant to pay the costs to repair:

  • Any condition caused by the Tenant
  • Damages from sewage backups caused by foreign or improper objects
  • Damages to doors, windows, or screens
  • Damages caused by doors or windows being left open

Maintenance Request Form